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HRMS Ltd a unique Human Resources Management Systems and Recruiting Consultancy firm with a portfolio of clients within the Financial Services Trading and Industry, Manufacturing, Development and Construction, Non-Profit, Technology, Food and Beverage and Hospitality Services sectors, having decades of presence and exposure in the GCC and now in Cyprus.

Human Resources Management Systems and Organizational Projects

Our teams specialized Human Resources Management Consultants with concentration on Human Capital, HR and Administrative services and structuring projects.

  • Examine and access clients organization structure and team members qualifications, to recommend constructive changes to suit and develop the present needs and further growth of clients.
  • Prepare upgrade and update Human Resources policies and Administration procedures, Organization Charts, Job Specs and Profiles, Grading Systems Salary Scales and SOPs.
  • Conduct market surveys and positions benchmarkings to recommend realistic salaries and benefits, rewards grading systems salary scales and related SOPs.
  • Recommend realistic achievable milestones to deliver successful implementation to perform adequate HRM functions and processes.
  • We outsource the HR and Administrative functions of the clients by the appointment and management of qualified and specialized HR executives to efficiently and successfully manage the clients services.

Sourcing, Executive Search and Recruiting

Through decades of continuous update of our candidates Database and access to regional and international recognized database, we are able to identify, recommend suitable professional to the right position within a reasonable set time frame.

  • Handle the function of Executive Search and Sourcing Talents on behalf of our clients, to recruit the right professionals in a wide range of roles at all levels of seniority from Executives, Department Heads and all levels of Operations.
  • We cover high and middle level management positions, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Operations Department Managers, Audit, Accounts and Finance, Construction Management Investment Portfolio Managers, Channel Management, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Quality Control QA QC, HSE, Supply Chain etc.
  • Our Clients and Business Parents are Large Groups and Institutions from Blue Chip, Regional Global Organizations or Medium and Small Boutique Companies.
  • We outsource the recruiting and talent acquisition function we work from the client office to manage the cycle of recruitment.

Creating business relations with HRMS Ltd

Striving to develop long lasting relationships with clients that need HR Management Administration and Sourcing services. We cater for small and large group of companies, we ensure a professional and fair experience. We work for you to fulfill your needs whether you are the hiring company or an educated professional looking for a job or to further your career in our present competitive market.

Market Report, Benchmarking and Salary Survey

We stay informed on the latest Human Resources Management Systems, Employment trends and employees pay rewards and remuneration.

  • We stay informed and updated on the latest trends in Human Resources Management Systems and talent acquisitions in the industries and the sectors and know the latest on standard remunerations and management processes and SOPs prevailing to help companies to successfully restructure and to reach optimum productivity with the right headcount or employees remunerations.
  • We are ready to provide the clients what they need just a report or a complete HR Management restructure plans and implementation, we are confident and capable in providing timely and quality services drawn from the numerous completed projects also the repeated business from client in our portfolio for years.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Trends

We specialize in Human Resources Management, Executive Search, Headhunting and the successful recruiting

  • Always Professionals and Executives covering a wide range of countries in the GCC, MENA and beyond. We always try within a timely time frame to find the right candidate with the right qualification and experience to fit the jobs specification.
  • We are proud of the repeated business from local, regional and international clients and the satisfied new recruits that we maintain relations all through their career.
  • We are partners to our clients in the manpower planning phase, the recruiting and resourcing process, either as service providers or outsourcing providers of the executive search and recruitment function.

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